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A Photographic Tribute

We asked you, our Friends, to share your memories of the Hwy 205 Nest and this is a collection of what we received.
Click on the images to enlarge and enjoy!

Ferruginous hawk nesting in lone juniper tree along hwy 205 in April 2012. This is the oldest image of the nest we received. Photo by Dan Streiffert

Calley Lovett, Spring 2021
I had this vision in my head for a sunset shot at the Ferruginous Hawk nest, I had no idea if it would work out. Upon arriving this special scene unfolded. Mom watched over the young ones as the sun slowly set painting the sky in vibrancy, Dad flew in with dinner which the Mom tore up and distributed to the little ones. After the feeding was done they all settled in but not before one chick spent some time dreaming…dreaming of the day of flight…soon enough precious one. This was definitely my most memorable moment…the tenderness of the parents towards their young, the little ones energy and eagerness all backdropped by a beautiful sunset…it was a heartfelt scene to say the least, that touched me so deeply I drove away crying, tears of beauty, tears of gratitude. There was also a Western Kingbird pair that was nesting in the same tree, in one photo you can see the Kingbird perched in the far corner and another with it flying off…they would periodically look each other over and continue on with their own business.

I also stayed in my car to photo these as to not add any stress. Nest sites are sensitive and should be treated with much respect. Shot with telephoto lens and cropped.

Below are a collection of images from the last couple of years. Thank you to Dan Streiffert, Calley Lovett, David Dessert, Joella Arment, ill Ray, and Hannah Kornbrath for sharing your images with us.



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