Wildlife Checklists & Information

You might ask, “Where are the best places to observe birds and wildlife”. It’s not a simple answer and there is no single location.

Mule Deer - Photo by Dan Streiffert

There is an abundance of great birding and wildlife areas in the Harney Basin and Southeast Oregon beginning with Malheur Refuge. Here are some resources to help guide you on your wildlife adventure.

Malheur National Wildlife Refuge Watchable Wildlife Cover

US Fish & Wildlife Watchable Wildlife

A 20 page PDF that lists species and seasons that wildlife may be more available for viewing.

Spring Migration Checklist

A 2 page PDF that lists Spring Arrival Dates for Common Migrant Birds at Malheur Refuge and the Harney Basin.

Ebird The Cornel Lab Of Ornithology

eBird Field Checklist

This checklist is generated with data from eBird, a global database of bird sightings from birders like you. 349 species (+88 other taxa).

East Cascade Audubon Society

Harney County Birding Locations

East Cascades Audubon Society website includes birding locations throughout Harney County in Google maps.

USFW MNWR Bats Guide

USFW Bat Guide

An 8 page PDF displaying bat information for Malheur Refuge and the Harney Basin.

USFW MNWR Butterflies Guide

USFW Butterfly Guide

A 23 page PDF displaying butterfly information for Malheur Refuge and the Harney Basin.

USFW MNWR Dragonflies Guide

USFW Dragonfly Guide

A 5 page PDF displaying dragonfly information for Malheur Refuge and the Harney Basin.

Peter Pearsall Western Meadowlark

Be a Malheur Refuge Advocate.

You can become a Malheur Refuge champion by joining the Friends of Malheur and together we can advocate for a secure and more prosperous future for Malheur National Wildlife Refuge and our national wildlife refuge system.