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How I Spent My Summer Vacation

I’m at Malheur volunteering for the Friends of Malheur Refuge in their Crane’s Nest Nature Center and Store.  Generally, I’m scheduled for three days a week, so I have time off to bird and explore.

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Spring Photo Journal

Photographs with Captions by Amanda Aman It is a real joy when I am scrolling through social media and I see a collection of images on ‘Birding Oregon’ or ‘PNW

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Young Great Horned Owls

A Warm Malheur Memory

Relatively speaking, I’m a rather recent admirer of the Malheur NWR. My first visit to the refuge was in November of 2021, which also happened to be my first bird-photography focused trip.

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Ferrugineous Hawk

Ferruginous Hawk Gallery

“This was definitely my most memorable moment…the tenderness of the parents towards their young, the little ones energy and eagerness all backdropped by a beautiful sunset…it was a heartfelt scene to say the least, that touched me so deeply I drove away crying, tears of beauty, tears of gratitude.” – Calley Lovett

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