Ferruginous Hawk Gallery

“This was definitely my most memorable moment…the tenderness of the parents towards their young, the little ones energy and eagerness all backdropped by a beautiful sunset…it was a heartfelt scene to say the least, that touched me so deeply I drove away crying, tears of beauty, tears of gratitude.” – Calley Lovett

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white-faced ibis with radio transmitter backpack

Ibis Wrangling in the Wild West

Seen commonly in wetlands and flooded agricultural fields throughout the west, the White-faced Ibis (Plegadis chihi) is easily recognizable by its subtly beautiful iridescent plumage and comically long bill. The ibis has become the poster child for biological diversity among the arid and semi-arid wetland habitats being threatened by climate change.

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Shorebird Migration

Written by Peter Pearsall/Photos by Peter Pearsall and Dan Streiffert As summer draws to a close, the relentless heat of Oregon’s high desert slowly abates—a

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Shorebird Summer

Interior Nesting Snowy Plovers at Malheur Written by Teresa Wicks, Portland Audubon Society Photos by Dan Streiffert, FOMR Volunteer Western Snowy Plovers are well known

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