Natural History

Geology of the Harney Basin, Briefly

During the middle to late Miocene epoch (approximately 8-12 million years ago), a series of volcanic eruptions poured Columbia River flood basalts across the Pacific Northwest, covering portions of southern Washington, western Idaho, and northern and eastern Oregon with extensive lava flows.

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Steens Mountain Advisory Council

The Steens Mt Advisory Council (SMAC) met on October 19-20, 2023 in Burns, Oregon.  We have many new members this year.  We are now at a quorum.  This means we have more of the various interest groups represented as well as we can vote to make recommendations. 

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Celebrating Malheur

Refuge Celebration Week is right around the corner and we have plenty of things to celebrate about Malheur. We could celebrate the emergent and submergent vegetation growing on Malheur Lake for the first time in well over a decade.

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Scrub Jays and Range Expansion

Written by Peter Pearsall/Photo by Kay Steele We marvel at birds for a wide variety of reasons: colorful plumage, melodious songs, intriguing behavior, canny adaptations, and so on. But perhaps

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