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Playa phacelia

Alkaline Lake Vegetation Surveys – 2022

The shorelines and shallow waters of many of eastern Oregon’s shallow alkaline lakes contain a distinctive flora that has been incompletely explored. These plants appear as water levels in the lakes begins to drop in May, and many have flowered and begun to dry up by mid to late June.

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Species Spotlight: Weasels at Malheur Refuge

Written by Peter Pearsall/Photo by Alan Contreras Weasels are short-legged, long-bodied mammals of the Mustelidae family, relatives of otters, martens, and badgers. At Malheur Refuge, the long-tailed weasel (Neogale frenata)

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Snowy Plovers at Malheur Refuge

Written by Peter Pearsall/Photo of snowy plover and chick at Harney Lake by Dan Streiffert The sparrow-sized snowy plover is North America’s smallest plover species and one of the plainest

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