Wildlife Research & Surveys

2024 P Ranch Christmas Bird Count

This year, 13 field birders navigated a partially dense patchy foggy and occasionally sunlit landscape that became fully engulfed by dreaded fog by end of the count.  Temperatures were mild (25-39) compared to last year’s record low of -18°F. The lack of snow, partially open water, relatively high number of observers and a day of scouting before the count combined for a high count.

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OWEB Awards Malheur Monitoring Work

Portland Audubon is awarded $132,908 to monitor the relationships between nesting and migratory birds, seasonal water patterns, and vegetation in the Harney Basin to inform upcoming restoration work.

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Volunteer’s Reflection on IWJV Shorebird Survey

We set out along the Blitzen River, and soon we were in the vast expanse of the lake with birds EVERYWHERE!  The idea of “counting” seemed comical.  How do you count what must have been thousands of birds rising from the lake, circling, shifting?

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