Species Spotlight

Species Spotlight: Franklin’s Gull

Named after the Arctic explorer Sir John Franklin, adult birds display a distinctive plumage featuring a black hood, dark gray back, and white underparts. They have a red bill, bright red legs, and a white eye ring. Outside the breeding season, their hood fades, revealing a white head with a dark smudge behind the eye. Juveniles resemble non-breeding adults but with mottled brown plumage and a dark bill.

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Species Spotlight: American Coot

Written by Peter Pearsall/Photo by Peter Pearsall The American coot, scientifically known as Fulica americana, is a medium-sized waterbird found throughout North America. Despite its duck-like appearance, the American coot is

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Species Spotlight: Bullock’s Oriole

A boldly colored member of the New World blackbird family, the Bullock’s oriole is a thrill to behold as it hops among branches of cottonwoods and other deciduous trees and shrubs, often not far from water, gleaning insects and other invertebrate prey. 

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