FOMR President’s Message

A Word from Our President 12.1.2023

It is our mission to both provide a conduit for each of us to support of important programs at Malheur NWR and, just as importantly, a means for us to receive the many gifts Malheur that has to bestow upon us.

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A Word from Our President 11.1.2023

A family wedding – a very special niece – took me south into California recently, and as I often do when I travel, I took advantage of the drive to seek out a few national wildlife refuges.

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A Word from Our President 9.1.2023

As you look through this month’s edition of the Musings, you’ll see that we have a busy fall season before us. Our small staff and essential cadre of volunteers have laid out a rich series of events that provide opportunities for you to get personally involved at our favorite wildlife refuge.

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