A Word from Our President 12.1.2023


A Word from Our President 12.1.2023

It is our mission to both provide a conduit for each of us to support of important programs at Malheur NWR and, just as importantly, a means for us to receive the many gifts Malheur that has to bestow upon us. These benefits come in many forms, most of them directly based on our individual relationship to the refuge and its stories.

I had one of these experiences quite recently. I was coming out of the wonderful old building that serves as refuge headquarters after a pleasant and productive meeting with FWS staff. Outside now, I stopped and absorbed the scene. Absolute quiet reigned aside from a slight breeze blowing through the almost leafless trees. Looking beyond, my view extended outward to far mountains whose names I can only guess. A perfectly scrubbed, pale blue sky stretched down to the horizon, and even the furthest hills were visible in full color. A sense of profound peace permeated the moment. And I had all this completely to myself.

The moment reminded me of what attracts me to Malheur and how fortunate I am to be able to contribute to its well-being. Many of you, I am sure, have experienced your own special moments somewhere on the refuge. Such are the gifts that come from Malheur.

Decades ago, when I was first involved in non-profit work, I often felt uncomfortable asking for donations. In response, an experienced colleague pointed out that I had it all wrong. By asking, she told me, I was providing a valuable opportunity that allowed people to connect with something they valued. Time has convinced me of the truth of this perspective.

Investing personally in the things we care about – places like Malheur – rewards us far beyond our expectations. In such transactions we almost always receive far more than we give.

– Wm. Tweed


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