FOMR President’s Message

Sunset at Malheur Refuge

A Word from Our President 1.1.2023

A few weeks ago, we added our voice to those calling for the addition of more than five miles of Bridge Creek to Senator Ron Wyden’s proposed River Democracy Act that would enlarge Oregon’s wild and scenic rivers network. This section of Bridge Creek, all of it within the BLM’s Steens Mountain Cooperative Management and Protection Area, flows into Malheur National Wildlife Refuge a few miles north of Frenchglen and adds its water to the Donner and Blitzen River.

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Blitzen River Carp Harvest

A Word from Our President 12.1.2022

Despite the persistent dry conditions, Malheur continues to carry out its critical role as an irreplaceable refuge for migratory and resident wildlife. And you – the members of the Friends of Malheur – play a significant role in making this happen.

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Alkalia Playa

A Word from Our President 11.1.2022

Those of us who enjoy wandering the arid landscapes east of the Cascades and Sierra Nevada know a secret about these places that is missed by many. Although dry by coastal standards, the emptiness of the Great Basin provides an absolutely essential pathway for huge numbers of migratory birds. And these birds rely on the region’s numerous terminal and often saline lakes – places like Malheur and Harney lakes.

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Buena Vista Overlook

A Word from Our President 9.29.2022

In coming months, I will be using this space to share with you insights into issues that I hope will help you understand some of the many challenges facing both the Malheur Refuge and its Friends group. These will range from the severely impaired state of the Pacific Flyway – a region-wide effect the increasing aridity affecting the Intermountain West – to the opportunities we have to make our organization even more supportive of the refuge. As I write, I’ll be looking for ways to share with you how each of you – as our members – can help us succeed.

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