A Word from Our President 8.1.2023


A Word from Our President 8.1.2023

As we creep into late summer, I think we can agree that it’s been good season. Malheur Lake has water, and the Donner and Blitzen River continues to flow nicely. Resident birds have prospered this year, and the refuge should be in good shape to welcome fall migrants. Nature, for a change, is doing well – good news for all of us who care about Malheur National Wildlife Refuge.

And there’s more good news – you!

This electronic newsletter goes to a select group –members of our Friends group and other select individuals who care about Malheur Refuge and its wild creatures. I identify you as “good news” because over and over again you step up to help make the refuge more successful.

You do this in many ways, but what makes it so special is that you volunteer. This activity takes many forms. You volunteer to join the Friends of Malheur – a voluntary act by any standard. You volunteer with your checkbooks when we ask. Many of you volunteer to participate in work parties at the refuge that accomplish goals requested of us by the USA Fish and Wildlife Service. A number of you help us run the Crane’s Nest Nature Store; it quite simply could not provide the services it does to refuge visitors without your help. And a particularly committed set of volunteers serve on our organization’s board of directors – providing guidance and counsel to our organization.

Without this voluntary investment of time and money, the Friends of Malheur simply could not exist. It’s that simple.

Thank You to you all!


– Wm. Tweed


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