FOMR Volunteer Program

Our Month at Malheur

We have so many wonderful memories of our explorations. Perhaps best were the incredible sunrises and sunsets, easily viewable from our campground. I will always remember the two Great Horned Owls who hung out in a tree next to the campground serenading us with their hoots many evenings and mornings.

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Volunteer’s Reflection on IWJV Shorebird Survey

We set out along the Blitzen River, and soon we were in the vast expanse of the lake with birds EVERYWHERE!  The idea of “counting” seemed comical.  How do you count what must have been thousands of birds rising from the lake, circling, shifting?

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How I Spent My Summer Vacation

I’m at Malheur volunteering for the Friends of Malheur Refuge in their Crane’s Nest Nature Center and Store.  Generally, I’m scheduled for three days a week, so I have time off to bird and explore.

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Volunteering; A New Experience

During the past several years, we have volunteered for a month each year at Refuge Headquarters, helping at Crane’s Nest Nature Store and taking on a few assignments around the Refuge such as checking signs along the trails and the Central Patrol Road (CPR), and helping with the annual highway clean-up near Frenchglen. This year, we enthusiastically agreed to be stationed at the far south end of the Refuge at the homesite of the former Pete French Ranch, now known as P Ranch.

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