Suzanne Staples

Board Member

A native Oregonian, Suzanne has been a birder/nature watcher all her adult life, and holds the honor of being a life member of Portland Audubon. Suzanne has been visiting Malheur Refuge since the 80’s, has attended many Scharff Fests, and has been a member of Friends of Malheur Refuge for many years. She volunteered at Wildlife Center of the North Coast in Astoria for more than five years, caring for injured seabirds, raptors, songbirds and whatever else came to their doors. She recently worked with Coastal Raptors of Hoquiam Washington on their ongoing Peregine Falcon capture and banding project on the Washington coast. Suzanne has run Bluebird trails in the past and plans to do the Sunriver trail for East Cascades Audubon Society in 2018. A nature writer, Suzanne has published travel/birding pieces in Bird Watchers’ Digest, written a nature column for the Chinook Observer for several years, and had poetry published in a few literary quarterlies. She finds joy in helping others to see what a marvelous place we live in, and how much birds and other critters contribute to the richness of our lives.