Rick Vetter

Rick is a retired biologist, following a diverse 35-year career with BLM, FWS, and USFS as a range specialist, fish and wildlife biologist and wildlife refuge manager in California, Utah, Idaho, Hawaii, Washington and Oregon. He spent most of the 1990s working at Malheur National Wildlife Refuge as a wildlife biologist where he developed a passion for controlling common carp. His carp kill list is about 150,000 and still growing, working as a volunteer Malheur Refuge and Malheur National Forest.  Much of his time now is spent travelling with his wife on natural history trips to remote parts of the world, emphasizing birds and photography. Their adventures have taken them from Papua New Guinea, to Madagascar, from Ethiopia to Columbia with numerous places in-between.  Currently he works for the Oregon Eagle Foundation monitoring golden eagle nest sites across southeast Oregon and enjoying the scenery, wildlife and adventures of the vast sagebrush ocean. At home he enjoys hunting, fishing, packing with their horse and mule and cooking injera.