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Mammals of Malheur

Written by Peter Pearsall The unique wetland oasis of Malheur Refuge, surrounded by the sagebrush and juniper desert characteristic of the northern Great Basin, is well known for its migratory bird life. While a few of those bird species live year-round at the Refuge, most migrate with the seasons. By contrast, nearly all of the … Continue reading Mammals of Malheur

Oh, The Places You’ll Go

Written by Ryan Robles/ Photos by Ryan Robles & Brianna Goehring “Oh, the places you’ll go,”(Dr. Suess, 1990). This quote often crosses my mind when I look back on my journey through the field of natural resources and conservation. Just last year I was the Refuge’s Vegetation Inventory and Monitoring Intern, where I got the … Continue reading Oh, The Places You’ll Go

Becoming Birds: Decolonizing Eco-Literacy

Forward & Article Written by Teresa Wicks In early September 2020, a series of wildfires ignited throughout Oregon and the Northwest. Many of these fires were ignited by powerlines, downed by a sustained high wind event. These winds, as winds often do, gave these fires a tremendous amount of power. Causing the destruction of many … Continue reading Becoming Birds: Decolonizing Eco-Literacy


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