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Gifts from Malheur

Submissions from James Pearsall, Teresa Wicks, and Dominic BachmanCover Photo by Teresa Wicks James Pearson, Fisheries Biologist for Malheur NWR: Malheur National Wildlife Refuge gave me many gifts in 2020, but none compare to the gift of sharing the Refuge with my family. This summer my wife (Kelsey), our new baby girl, and I were … Continue reading Gifts from Malheur

New Toilets at Malheur Refuge

Written by Peter Pearsall/Photo by Ed Moulton, Refuge Maintenance Supervisor The unsung heroes at Malheur Refuge are its maintenance staff. These hardworking Refuge employees ensure that roads are kept in good shape; signs, gates, kiosks and other structures are functioning properly; Refuge water levels are controlled to enhance habitat for wildlife—and much, much else. Another … Continue reading New Toilets at Malheur Refuge


Written by Peter Pearsall/Photo by Peter Pearsall The verdant meadows, marshes and upland areas of Malheur Refuge, so vibrant in spring and summer, change swiftly to a palette of umber, straw and gray-green in fall. This is the harbinger of winter: sun giving way to clouds, greens giving way to browns, and the nights waxing … Continue reading Senescence


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