Volunteer’s Reflection on IWJV Shorebird Survey

We set out along the Blitzen River, and soon we were in the vast expanse of the lake with birds EVERYWHERE!  The idea of “counting” seemed comical.  How do you count what must have been thousands of birds rising from the lake, circling, shifting?

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How I Spent My Summer Vacation

I’m at Malheur volunteering for the Friends of Malheur Refuge in their Crane’s Nest Nature Center and Store.  Generally, I’m scheduled for three days a week, so I have time off to bird and explore.

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Malheur Midsummer

We arrived at the Refuge in July, usually considered a slow time, to find Marshall Pond full, and water everywhere it should be. This abundance of water also brought an overabundance of mosquitoes. When we set up camp at the volunteer RV pads, the skeeters enthusiastically welcomed us, although the sentiment was not mutual.

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A Malheur Spring; Time is on my side.

There is nothing more exciting than springtime at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge. Driving from Portland during the first week of April, this year’s excitement started with icy roads on Mt. Hood and a dusting of powder that blew me into Burns as I drove my old RV, Maxine, east from Bend.

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