Wetlands Under Threat

Written by Carl Woodward, FOMR Advocacy Committee Chair Not so long ago (1960s and 70s), enlightened, elected representatives, reacting to overwhelming public demands, enacted numerous far-reaching statutes to roll back

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Malheur Lake Mesocosm Study

At Malheur Lake, one thing is abundantly clear: the water is anything but, and the decades-long turbid conditions are impacting ecological health of the lake, which is a crucial area for migratory birds along the Pacific Flyway. 

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Shorebirds and Drought in Eastern Oregon

Throughout eastern Oregon and the Intermountain West migrating and nesting shorebirds depend on saline and freshwater lakes, playas, and nearby wetlands for refueling during migration and for breeding. For example, Wilson’s Phalarope use saline lakes throughout the region as stopover habitat.

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Observations from Malheur Lake

As we slowly drift into spring, with winter dragging its heavy feet, migratory birds of the Pacific Flyway are feeling the Zugunruhe which drives them north from their southern wintering grounds. Southern Oregon and Northeastern California, collectively known as the SONEC wetland region, is a favorite spring staging ground of many migratory birds.

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Follow That Swan!

Three of the GPS collars of the 12 trumpeter swans marked in the study transmitted data during the month of August. All three were in Alberta.

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