Author: Janelle Wicks

Science & Education

2023 Wildlife Internship; Veda’s June Update!

So far during my internship here at Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, I have been collecting data for irrigation and water rights use for the refuge. To do this, I have been using a Flow Tracker at each of the following four locations: East Canal, West Canal, Center Ditch, and Sodhouse.

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Species Spotlight

Species Spotlight: American Coot

Written by Peter Pearsall/Photo by Peter Pearsall The American coot, scientifically known as Fulica americana, is a medium-sized waterbird found throughout North America. Despite its duck-like appearance, the American coot is

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FOMR News & Updates

Tribal Stewards Returning to Malheur!

If you visit the Refuge this month, you may notice a crew of young adults assisting with lake surveys, harvesting willow for fence repairs, and learning how to conduct bird surveys.

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Refuge News & Updates


In my waning days at Malheur NWR, I got to spend a few hours in an airboat on Malheur Lake. I saw an abundance of marshbirds, white-faced ibis attempting to nest on Russian thistle (tumbleweed), clear water, and, as a silver lining of the recent severe drought, new emergent plant growth. Restoration progress!

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