A Word from Our President 12.1.2022


Blitzen River Carp Harvest

The Thanksgiving holiday is upon us as I write this month, and those of us who care about Malheur National Wildlife Refuge have much to be thankful for. Despite the persistent dry conditions, Malheur continues to carry out its critical role as an irreplaceable refuge for migratory and resident wildlife. And you – the members of the Friends of Malheur – play a significant role in making this happen.

Over the past year, using funds that come directly from you, our little organization has done some very good things. These include:

· Providing funds to make Ibis tracking possible in Harney County

· Funding electronic data loggers to monitor drought conditions along the Blitzen River

· Supporting a biological intern position to work with refuge staff

· Stepping up to fund emergency hazard tree work at refuge headquarters

· Helping fund a study of trumpeter swans in Harney County

At the same time, we have funded nature-based youth events in Burns, kept our Crane’s Nest nature store open at refuge headquarters during a time when Covid closed many educational facilities, and activated a new and improved website. We even helped host a visit to Malheur by the governor of Oregon.

All of this – and a good deal more – happened in 2022 because of you and the generous support you provide.

I bring all of this to your attention because, like many non-profit organizations, FOMR relies upon end-of-the-year giving to help us carry out our important role. Last year’s campaign brought in more than $25,000, and this season, with your help, we hope to do even better.

So, here’s our pitch: As you step up to support worthy causes this December, please remember Malheur National Wildlife Refuge and the friends group that supports it. We promise to make good use of whatever support you can send our way. Thank you!

Wm. Tweed, FOMR President

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