Welcome Dominic Bachman, MNWR Fish Biologist!


Written by Peter Pearsall/Photo courtesy of Dominic Bachman

Dominic Bachman is the new Fish Biologist at Malheur Refuge. He brings extensive and specific experience to the many issues facing aquatic habitats in Harney Basin: For the past two years, Bachman has been a valued partner working for the High Desert Partnership on the Malheur Lake restoration project.

Born and raised in Utah, Bachman was immersed in wetland conservation from a young age, helping with his father’s work at the Ogden Bay Waterfowl Management Area. Bachman studied wildlife management at Humboldt State University, earning both his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees there.

His previous positions include working as a Wildlife Biologist with the National Wild Turkey Federation, the USDA Natural Resource Conservation Service and for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service at the Modoc and Humboldt Bay National Wildlife Refuges. 

Dominic has extensive experience working in the SONEC (Southern Oregon Northeast California) on conservation and management of high desert wetlands and with conservation partners throughout the western United States.

The restoration of Malheur Lake is a project Bachman is deeply invested in. “A dozen different biologists have battled with this restoration project over the years,” Bachman said. “It’s definitely a long-term battle, but we’re at the turning point, I think. We’ve spent years gathering the science, and now we’re nearing the pointy at which we can implement that science.”

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