Crane’s Nest Nature Store


We’ve got great news! The Refuge is dedicating a much larger space for the Friends of Malheur Nature Store, which gives us the opportunity to develop a Nature Center alongside our retail layout to provide environmental education and general information about the Refuge as an expanded service to visitors. The new space, which we’ve called Crane’s Nest Nature Store/Nature Center, will be in the house east of the museum at Refuge Headquarters.

It is our goal that the Nature Center be a point of contact for visitors of the Refuge, providing up-to-date wildlife sightings as well as a space for multimedia presentations and environmental education programs. Stay tuned for updates here as well as in our newsletters and on our Facebook page. We’re hoping to open the Crane’s Nest Nature Center in May 2018.


Hello Friends, we need your help! If you’re available to spend a month or more in southeast Oregon and have an RV or similar set-up to stay in, we are looking for volunteers to help staff our Crane’s Nest Nature Store/Nature Center at Refuge Headquarters. Typically we seek volunteers for the months of March to September.

This volunteer position involves operating the Crane’s Nest Nature Center/Nature Store at Refuge Headquarters and providing general interpretation of the Refuge to visitors. Volunteers will have some proficiency with cash registers, point-of-sale devices, etc., as well as a basic understanding of how to maintain an inventory of Nature Store items. Good communication skills are desirable, as is a willingness to interpret Great Basin natural and cultural history. We ask that our volunteers commit to at least a month-long stint, working 3 days (~24 hours) a week, but the duration of the stint may be negotiable.

Refuge Headquarters provides RV pads with hook-ups and a nearby building with communal kitchen, bathrooms and laundry. There are two RV spaces available for volunteers.

If you are interested in volunteering this year, or have general questions about volunteering at Malheur Refuge, please contact us at